Ljubljana city, Vič-Rudnik, Trnovo

919.000 €

4,5-room 210.48 m2 2022

Key specifications:

  • Ground floor/2
  • SP39781492
  • Additional
    • Atrium
    • Terrace
  • 2022
  • New (building)
  • Air condition
  • Connectors
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Sewage

Luxury 4.5 room apartment in Trnovo- Mivka

A spacious 4.5-room apartment with an atrium of 208 m2, two terraces (11 and 24 m2) and two parking spaces is located in an exceptional location in Trnovo.

Available in June 2023.

High-quality construction allows living in accordance with the latest standards. With large glass surfaces and natural materials, the apartment offers a comfortable and economical home.

Thoughtful floor plans allow for a connected family life, but at the same time a space that offers privacy to individual members. The premises has a sunny terraces with a view of Ljubljana Castle.

Area of ​​the unit:

  • Living space: 175.48 m2
  • Terrace: 11 m2
  • Terrace in 1N: 24 m2
  • Atrium: 208 m2
  • Bicycle shed: 12 m2

Implementation works are being completed and will allow for occupancy in the foreseeable future.

If you are looking for an apartment that gives you good access to the city center and the comfort of a house, this apartment is definitely the right choice for you.

No commission for the buyer.

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Ljubljana city, Vič-Rudnik, Trnovo

4,5-room 210.48 m2 2022

919.000 €