Moje finance – May 2018

15.09.2018 / Matija Tomšič
Finally on your own? - Six ways to flying your nest! - Rent-to-buy

Finally on your own?

Six ways to flying your nest!

Statistics show that boys move out from their parents' home at age 30 and girls at age 27.5. Initially, they all mostly rent. However, some manage to buy their first home before hitting 30. How do they do it? There are quite a few different approaches available, especially now that the general situation in the country is more stable, the prices of apartments are about 25 percent lower than before the crisis and the price of money is cheap. Different paths lead towards owning your first apartment. Zdravko and Nina bought theirs on a public auction. Alexander and Jerica decided to go for the rent-to-buy approach. Dejan and Manja are waiting in line for a non-profit apartment. Rok and Lidija built their apartment in the attic of their parents' house. Maja and Mitja had some help from their relatives and Luka got his apartment after the divorce of his parents. We give you their stories.


Real estate agent Nina Hudnik from Roni nepremičnine had something completely different in mind for the young couple – upon the agreement with the owner of the house, she suggested the rent-to-buy approach. The owner did not want to have her house empty, which is why she lowered the monthly rent. »If we did not like the house or anything unexpected happened, we could withdraw from the contract at any point. /…/«