Perseverance. Passion. Tradition.

Company history

RONI NEPREMIČNINE is a real estate agency with a well-established tradition and has been successful for over 10 years. 


The business was originally founded as a sole proprietorship, based in Brezovica near Ljubljana. It was focused solely on marketing residential real estate. Various shocks hit the real estate market, including the steep fall of the value and prices of real estate. With that came a decrease in the number of transactions, difficulties in financing and a complete stop in building new estates. This resulted in the low amount of realized projects. Despite the difficult circumstances, we kept looking for new solutions. We gradually expanded our team and made sure all our projects were seen through with care. The unfavourable market conditions did not stop us, on the contrary. Due to having a smaller structure, we were more flexible and focused on developing new, relevant marketing strategies. We moved the seat of the company to Ljubljana and began operating in the rental and commercial markets as well. Our main focus was always the satisfaction of our clients and the proper execution of business projects, which we strive towards even today, over a decade later.


With perseverance and a lot of patience, we focused on implementing our goals and transitioned into RONI nepremičnine d.o.o. in 2013. Together we opened a new office on Hacquetova 9 in Ljubljana.

As the company grew, we gained numerous agents and employed a support team. Apart from handling real estate in Slovenia, we expanded to real estate in Croatia and later to Dubai, Spain, France and other parts of Europe. For a smoother operating in international markets, we opened Roni Estates Ltd., which is seated in London. The latter enables a better development of our potential and our business opportunities. Working with foreign clients has contributed to our business the most because it provides us with a strong base of buyers and providers. More and more customers from foreign countries reach out to us and entrust us with buying or selling real estate. Their positive responses and satisfaction rates are what determine our success.


In addition to mediation in the sale of residential and commercial real estate, we also specialize in mediating in the market of real estate investments, including projects such as land for fast construction, business complexes and hotels. Moreover, we also work with real estate transactions of a higher price rank.


The year 2017 brought new business opportunities. Gradual growth and the implementation of certain conceptual changes led to the expansion of management and to an increase in the number of agents, the formation of an audio and video production team, a more perfected external image of the company, a new website, the introduction of new marketing tools and, lastly, to a new vision.

We form a group of experts from various fields, who together offer quality service in the field of real estate and real estate-related activities. We work with a wide range of different types of real estate and put a special emphasis on investment projects and luxury real estate.