Moje finance – October 2014

15.09.2018 / Matija Tomšič
The monthly rent for two-room apartments in Ljubljana range between 250 and 380 euros, says The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia. On the other hand, real estate agencies and online adds point them being between 400 and 600 euros. Who is correct? What do the landlords say? Some refuse lowering the rent or agree to lowering the rent under the condition that the rent be paid for a year in advance. Others might consider lowering the rent if they get along with the renters. We also took a look at the yield of the rents.

What is happening on the market?

 What are the real estate agencies picking up? »Monthly rents for two-room apartments measuring between 50 and 60 square meters are anything from 400 to 500 euros, 650 euros in Ljubljana city center. These prices do not include monthly utility bills.  Rent for apartments in Ljubljana's vicinity ranges from 350 to 450 euros per month,« adds the Roni nepremičnine agency.

Haggling over the price

But how prepared are landlords to lower their monthly rent? /.../ believes the number is around 20%, but only if the price had not been lowered before. Landlords are hesitant to lower the price of their rent. The room for negotiation is very limited and the prices usually get lowered for only a few euros. It all depends on the originally set price, notices Roni nepremičnine. The rules regarding safety deposits have completely changed. Nowadays, landlords demand a safety deposit in the height of one monthly rent. Before the financial crisis, they used to demand two or three monthly rents. »Finding someone willing to pay two or three monthly rents in advance is very tricky and rare. The only time we have experienced that ourselves was with foreign renters who rented places for shorter periods of time,« adds Roni nepremičnine.

To invest in a renovation or not?

 »Having a completely furnished apartment usually represents an advantage, especially if the renters are foreigners. Any unneeded furniture can always be removed,« believes Roni nepremičnine.