VILA KANDRŠE Nadstandardni večnamenski objekt v objemu narave


Nadstandardni večnamenski objekt v objemu narave z garažami, bazenom, apartmaji v velikosti 1050 m2. Dodatno objektu pripadajo 3.500 m2 vrta, ograjenega z ograjo in z odraslimi cipresami.

Nadstandardni večnamenski objekt v objemu narave z garažami, bazenom, apartmaji v velikosti 1050 m2. Dodatno objektu pripadajo 3.500 m2 vrta, ograjenega z ograjo in z odraslimi cipresami.


Above-standard multi-purpose building in the embrace of nature with garages, swimming pool, apartments in the size of 1050 m2. In addition, the building has a 3,500 m2 garden, fenced with a fence and grown cypresses.


The building is designed as a rural villa or. the manor on the basis of historical facts and partly on the foundations of the manor from 1665. On the basis of historical sketches and plans also found in Valvasor's Glory of the Duchy of Carniola, a building was recreated combining traditional and modern, rustic and urban.


The multi-level L-version of the building enables the layout and arrangement according to the customer's wishes.

The entrance to the building is on the ground floor of the building, where there are also garages for 4-6 vehicles with double wide lift doors, which allow import even with an elevated van, and the air space in the garage extends to the ridge and allows the installation of a car lift, parking lift or personal lift. In front of the garage there is a parking lot for 4-5 vehicles, and below the parking lot there is an additional large garage, which allows a wine cellar, parking, service space or other activities. In front of this garage is a larger flat area that allows parking of an additional 6 vehicles or use for other purposes.

On the ground floor of the building there is also a space for a convenient workshop. Half a floor higher is the first living space: kitchen, toilets, hallway and a large living room with a raised ceiling and light on three sides.

Half a floor below there is a large space for laundry, ironing, storage, summer kitchen with dining area, which opens onto a larger terrace, under which are two apartments with bathrooms and plenty of storage space.

Half a floor lower is a large boiler room with a service area for a storage tank for hot water, heating and all the necessary installation equipment. On the same level there is also a spacious complex with a dressing room, showers, toilets, a recreation area (fitness and wellness) and a swimming pool. The entire length of the pool complex is wrapped in a long winter garden, which opens in three large parts towards the green areas. In addition to the pool, there is also space for an engine room.

The large bright attic is intended for living work, there are six bedrooms, attached toilets, a large living room with kitchen and an additional 60-120 m2, which can be used for living or storage. The height of the attic at parts also allows the construction of an additional high attic.


The construction is massive, concrete and brick bricks combined with reinforced concrete construction. The building is surrounded by 20 cm of thermal insulation and a facade. The windows are three-layer and low-energy (0.7 W / m2K), which corresponds to low-energy houses. The roof is brick, all the showers are 180-degree, as they are glazed on three sides.


The location of the building is historically favorable, less than 2 km from the geometric center of Slovenia GEOSS, far from industry, in the embrace of nature, with all the comforts of the 21st century. Also, the mansion is only a good 30 minutes away from Ljubljana or. 15 minutes from the highway. Access from the direction of Ljubljana: Krtina-Moravče, from the direction of Maribor: Trojane-Izlake, from Zagreb via Vače.

Kindergarten, school and shop are 5 minutes away, gas station, pharmacy, post office, library, bakery 7 minutes. The Vidrga ski resort is only 5 minutes away, the sports airport is 20 minutes away, the Brnik airport is 35 minutes away, the Slovenian coast is 1.5 hours away and Venice is 2.5 hours away.

The location is an excellent starting point for famous excursion and hiking points: Vače, GEOSS Adrenaline Park, Sava River Valley, Limbarska gora, Zasavska sveta gora, Čemšeniška planina with the Prvina ski resort, Trojane and Lake Gradiška, and more.